How do you consign with Preloved Ottawa? 

Visit our "Consign With Us" page for all of the details!


How do you buy items from Preloved Ottawa?

Through our instagram and in store! We sell mainly through our instagram stories but we do also have a location in Westboro, Ottawa. We post new items daily on Instagram between 2:00-3:30pm EST. It's a first come, first served basis so act quick! Send us a DM when you see something you like and we will let you know if it's available. If so, we take payment via e-transfer.

secret tip - turn your notifications on for our page and you'll get notified when we post new items so you don't miss out!


How do I pick up a purchased item that I bought through Instagram?

Send us a DM on Instagram and we will schedule you in for a pick up. If you need shipping, we can also arrange that for a fee.


Do you hold shipments so we can add multiple purchases to over time?

Yes! If you'd like to hold a shipment, we ask for the shipping fee to be paid up front. We can then add up to 3-4 more purchases to your shipping pack for the one time fee! This makes your shipping cost much more worth while. You just let us know when to ship and it's off in the mail :)


Do items really sell that quickly? How do we have a chance to buy something when they sell right away?

We promise it is not a hoax. Some items sell within minutes, and sometimes even seconds. It's a first come, first served basis, so we tell everyone to turn their notifications on to ensure everyone has a fair chance! We don't post items as sold until we confirm receipt of payment. 


What size do you both wear and how tall are you?

There are two of us that post photos in our Instagram stories daily.

Kelly is a size 2/4 and is 5'8. Carla is a size 6/8 and is also 5'8.


Do you only post small sizes? Why do we sometimes not see as many large sizes on your feed?

We are a size inclusive shop, and we aim to always have options for every body. We try our very best to post a range of all sizes every day. As a consignment shop, it is a challenge to balance our inventory because we do not get to select from a linesheet what we can bring in each season. Our stock depends on our consignors. We often make a point to stop accepting certain sizes if we feel we have a need for others. We are constantly on the hunt for size large up to plus size, so if you have any to consign please reach out to us via email. If you ever have any feedback regarding sizing, please do not hesitate to send us a message.


How do you determine pricing for your items?

There are many different factors that go into a pricing an item. The original retail price is one, but not the only factor. We also factor in the condition, the brand, the style, the exclusivity, if it's vintage, or one-of-a-kind, a wanted item, etc. We also put a lot of work and effort into selling our consignors pieces, so our retail prices reflect our efforts as well.


Why don't you delete the posts of items that have sold on Instagram stories?

One of the main reasons is that if we delete the story, the photo will disappear from the conversation history with the customer. We use this as a back-up to be able to easily see the items that our customers have purchased. Selling through instagram is a very manual process, so we need all the information and history we can keep! 


Have any more questions for us? Feel free to send us a DM on instagram @prelovedottawa or send us an email at hello@prelovedottawa.com